Design and/or construction errors can be significant factors in the poor performance of buildings or constructed facilities. Element Analytical’s engineers are equipped to investigate a myriad of failure and performance issues in the built environment, including structural failures, collapse, foundation subsidence, building envelope issues, water intrusion, and component malfunction. We utilize various tools, equipment, and analytical methods to assist in our evaluation and determination into the source or cause of malfunction or adverse event.

Building health is a topic of concern for many owners, designers, builders, and occupants, especially building conditions conducive to microbial growth. Our engineers regularly assist parties in identifying water intrusion sources/pathways or environmental influences contributing to potentially unhealthy situations for occupants or damaging to the facility.

Our forensic engineers have vast experience assessing damages from fires, explosions, impact, vibration, storm (wind, flood, hail, lightning) events, or other environmental influence. We are attuned at developing inspection protocols to thoroughly investigate and document site conditions so that root cause failures can be identified. Whether design error, installation flaws, or material defects, our technical expertise and analytical capabilities allow implementation of a scientific methodology to identify failure, performance, or damage causes.