Providing Engineering Analysis, Investigation,
and Inspection Solutions

Element Analytical, PLLC, is a technical source knowledgeable of current trends and highly attuned to client processes in matters of claims, litigation, and dispute resolution. Element Analytical, PLLC, arrives at solutions to technical problems through systematic investigation, thorough inspection, and methodical analysis.

Cumulatively, our partners have practiced engineering analysis, design, and investigation for nearly 60 years.  Element Analytical, PLLC, provides forensic engineering and consultation services to insurance adjusters, attorneys, contractors, developers, owners, and other parties.  

We are proficient in written and oral communication, and we are accustomed to expert witness testimony. Our education, experience, training, skill, and knowledge render us adept investigators in a variety of matters.  

Element Analytical, PLLC

  • Single point engineering solutions
  • 24-hour a day responsiveness
  • Objective, comprehensive analysis

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Electrical Engineering Course Completion

Rob attended a two-day seminar presented by SEM-Train covering Electrical Engineering principles and concepts for non-Electrical Engineers. Covered topics include current, voltage, inductance, capacitance, impedance, diodes, transistor, movs, and circuit analysis with...

Residential Dryer Fires

Rob attended a two-day seminar presented by Fire Findings Laboratories in Benton Harbor, Michigan, covering many aspects of residential dryer fires. Topics discussed included gas vs. electric operation, interior components, factors affecting lint, component failures,...

Pervious Concrete It won’t hold water

Rob attended a seminar presented by NCSU Engineering Faculty entitled "Design, Construction, and Troubleshooting of Concrete Slabs-On-Grade + Pervious (Porous) Concrete".  In addition to discussions on current trends with commonly encountered rigid...