Laboratory Facility and Services expanding

Posted On July 13, 2012

   As we continue to grow and strive to expand our capabilities to serve your needs, we acquired an adjacent space for use as a laboratory facility..  The climate-controlled space offers excellent lighting and large work-spaces.  Multiple examination tables permit comfortable inspection of items and side-by-side comparisons.  As always, tolls and equipment needs never seem to cease, but current apparatus include:

  • 2x-225x Stereo Boom Microscope with LED light and digital camera
  • Portable digital microscope (20-200x) with integral LED light and available boom stand
  • Calibrated oven
  • Infrared camera
  • Shore Hardness Durometer (Type D)
  • Digital force gauge (500 lbs capacity) with computer interface
  • Hydraulic test bench with pressure, flow, and temperature capability
  • 300 psi hydraulic test pump
  • Flow meters and regulators for air/gas testing (high and low pressure) and portability for field system testing
  • Data logging thermocouple system with up to 24 simultaneous channels
  • Video documentation capability
  • Thermo-hygrometers
  • Moisture meters
  • 120/240 volt electrical connections
  • Dedicated lap[top for digital microscopes and data logging
  • Assorted tools and supplies for many inspection needs.

    Not only is the space intended for our in-house use, but we designed the laboratory facility so that others can independently utilize the laboratory for evidence examinations and testing. 

   Contact us (888-875-5973/ to discuss availability and arrangements for your use.  Stay tuned for updates on expanding capabilities…. 

Written by Rob McGraw

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