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Element Analytical, PLLC - engineering analysis, investigation, inspection, services

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  • Post Office Box 1091
  • Knightdale, NC 27545
  • NC PE Firm #P-0658
  • VA PE Firm #0413000319
  • SC PE Firm # 4164

Providing Engineering Analysis, Investigation, and Inspection Solutions

Call for consultation to determine how we can meet your engineering analysis, inspection or investigation needs.


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General : Happy Easter

Posted on 4/4/2010 (2332 reads)

 Happy Easter, 2010!!

General : Expansion of Service Area

Posted on 3/4/2010 (2447 reads)

Element Analytical recently received its Certificate of Authorization from South Carolina's engineering board and our company is now authorized to provide engineering services in that state.  Please contact us (888-875-5973 to see if we can provide solutions for your engineering analysis, inspection, and investigation needs. 

General : Merry Christmas 2009!!!!!

Posted on 12/25/2009 (2182 reads)

General : TCFE ExCom Secretery

Posted on 12/8/2009 (2629 reads)

Mike Lester is serving his second year of a five-year term on the Executive Committee of ASCE's Technical Council on Forensic Engineering (TCFE). He will serve as Secretary through September 2010, and he will advance to Vice Chair, Chair, and Past Chair in the three following years.

General : 5th Forensics Congress

Posted on 11/19/2009 (2982 reads)

 Mike Lester and Rob McGraw both attended the 5th Congress on Forensic Engineering ( Washington DC, where Mike presented Failure of a Church Fresco: The Engineering of Art vs. The Art of Engineering.

Both Mike and Rob attended an advanced workshops and technical sessions focussed around the state-of-the-art in forensic engineering and investigations.  Topics discussed included ethics, soil failures, wind damage, water damages, structures failure and reapair, immiediate response to disasters, vibrations and blasting, wood trusses, hurricanes, and tornadoes to name a few.  

The Congress activities and program schedule aid professional engineers in developing "practices and procedures to reduce the number of such failures, to disseminate information on failures and their causes, to provide guidelines for conducting failure investigations, and to provide guidelines for ethical conduct in forensic engineering" as described by the website of the ASCE Technical Council of Fore sic Engineering (  

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