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General : Laboratory Facility and Services expanding

Posted on 7/13/2012 (3741 reads)
   As we continue to grow and strive to expand our capabilities to serve your needs, we acquired an adjacent space for use as a laboratory facility..  The climate-controlled space offers excellent lighting and large work-spaces.  Multiple examination tables permit comfortable inspection of items and side-by-side comparisons.  As always, tolls and equipment needs never seem to cease, but current apparatus include:
  • 2x-225x Stereo Boom Microscope with LED light and digital camera
  • Portable digital microscope (20-200x) with integral LED light and available boom stand
  • Calibrated oven
  • Infrared camera
  • Shore Hardness Durometer (Type D)
  • Digital force gauge (500 lbs capacity) with computer interface
  • Hydraulic test bench with pressure, flow, and temperature capability
  • 300 psi hydraulic test pump
  • Flow meters and regulators for air/gas testing (high and low pressure) and portability for field system testing
  • Data logging thermocouple system with up to 24 simultaneous channels
  • Video documentation capability
  • Thermo-hygrometers
  • Moisture meters
  • 120/240 volt electrical connections
  • Dedicated lap[top for digital microscopes and data logging
  • Assorted tools and supplies for many inspection needs.
    Not only is the space intended for our in-house use, but we designed the laboratory facility so that others can independently utilize the laboratory for evidence examinations and testing. 

   Contact us (888-875-5973/ to discuss availability and arrangements for your use.  Stay tuned for updates on expanding capabilities.... 

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